Welcome to Beginning of the Cashless Society

Powering Forward to Lead into the #CashlessAfrica

GUHEMBA: Championing Rwanda's Cashless Vision Pioneering the #CashlessRwanda Movement

Rwanda is poised to set a Pan-Africa standard in the digital economy, and GUHEMBA is at the forefront of this transformative journey. As a feature-rich fintech super-app, GUHEMBA is committed to innovating the way businesses and individuals engage with financial services.

Our platform is more than just a tool for merchant transactions and personal money transfers; it's a robust ecosystem designed to support a wide array of advanced features that cater to the diverse needs of a growing, dynamic economy. Guhemba heralds the inception of a Cashless Society, encapsulating a vision brimming with endless potential for service and feature expansions in an open market ripe for growth.

Rwanda’s goal is to become #CashlessRwanda, and we wish to follow their lead launching in Kigali, but also strive further to support #CashlessAfrica.


One Scan Merchant Pay

Our One Scan Merchant Pay feature allows customers to securely make payments with a simple scan, eliminating complicated payment processing and long delays to pay, streamlining the purchase process, and improving the customer experience.

E-Commerce Support

Guhemba makes e-commerce integration seamless. With Guhemba, online merchants can easily accept payments, providing a smooth transaction process for both the business and the consumer. Guhemba offers an innovative web element that can be scanned by the secure Guhemba mobile app for any type of payment. Additionally, the Guhemba web element supports one-off payments by Credit Card or Mobile Money, ensuring a hassle-free payment process. And the best part is that Guhemba processes it all protecting the user's personal and payment information.

Guhemba Invoicing

ending an official and professional quote or invoice is a crucial aspect of conducting business for most service providers and merchants. With Guhemba Invoicing, this process has been simplified, and customers can pay immediately. On-site merchants can draft an invoice and send it via email or phone SMS, and the customer can make an electronic payment within minutes! Merchants can efficiently manage their invoices using the Guhemba platform, which ensures prompt payments and organized financial records.

Person To Person Transfers

Users can with ease transfer money with their friends and family. Anyone with the Guhemba app can transfer money device-to-device, or transfer money via contacts, phone number, email, Murugo @Name

Banking Support

Bridge the gap between digital and traditional banking with Guhemba. Our platform supports connections with multiple banks, providing a cohesive view of your financial landscape. (feature launch in 2024)

MTN Mobile Money Support

Move money to and from MTN using advanced MTN Commands built right into the Guhemba App.

Personal Information And Credit Cards

Users can securely save their credit cards in Guhemba and no merchants will ever have access to credit card data or personal information.

Personal Information and Fraud Protection

Your data is our priority. Guhemba safeguards personal information with robust fraud protection measures, maintaining the integrity and security of every user's financial data.

Merchant Reporting

Unlock efficiency and harmony in your business operations with Guhemba's Merchant Reporting. Designed to alleviate stress and minimize conflict, our reporting tools offer staff, managers, and owners a transparent view into the daily workings of their enterprise. For restaurants, real-time insights into inventory, orders, and staff performance, Guhemba empowers restaurants and merchants to make informed decisions. Elevate your business oversight with reports that help streamline your operations and foster a trustworthy and accountable workplace.

Guhemba is part of the Murugo Cloud ecosystem.
Guhemba Ltd. is a registered Rwandan company and part of the Rwanda Build Program.

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