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Powering The

Rwanda will lead the way moving the digital economy forward with GUHEMBA. Guhemba is a Pan-Africa full-featured payment and money transfer solution designed for both: merchant pay, personal transfers, and a large host of advanced features. Guhemba is the Beginning of the Cashless Society with a HUGE future of possibilities to add in services and features. (Open market for growth) Currently, Guhemba is in limited launch exclusively at Ikawa Cafe inside the Venture Tech Hub.


Merchant Pay

Guhemba has Merchant Wallets with mPOS features for device payments. Merchant Pay is simple to use for both the customer and merchant, supporting iPhone and Android devices.

E-Commerce Support

Guhemba has an innovative web element that can be scanned by the secure Guhemba mobile app for any type of payment. The Guhemba web element also supports one-off payments by Credit Cards or Mobile money.

Rewards And Loyalty Programs

Every purchase can earn users free stuff

Restaurant Ordering And Checkout Support

Guhemba has a companion app for restaurant wait staff supporting order management and checkout. Customers can then use their Guhemba app to check into the restaurant to also order and then checkout.

MTN Mobile Money Support

Move money to and from MTN using advanced MTN Commands built right into the Guhemba App.

Personal Information And Credit Cards

Users can securely save their credit cards in Guhemba and no merchants will ever have access to credit card data or any personal information.

Banking Support

Move money to and from supported banks.

Person To Person Transfers

User can with ease transfer money with their friends and family. Users can also transfer money via contacts, phone number, email, Murugo @Name

Guhemba is part of the Murugo Cloud ecosystem.
Guhemba Ltd. is a registered Rwandan company and part of the Rwanda Build Program.

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